🌸 Make them happy. (Persons that matter most)πŸƒ


“Stop making efforts for other people to see how you are doing, that you are happy with your life, that you are good. Stop validating yourself to everyone, proving yourself and wanting there appreciation. It’s okay.”

Tonight, oww it’s 3am, πŸ’­

I was thinking a lot about myself, career, plans , lovelife, family, friends~ and picturing scenes of the unknown future. I have lots in mind, most of “what-ifs” … am I stressing myself too much? No. it’s been a while to reflect.

One of the major diseases i am fighting, though i am denying it, is the fact that I put so much effort to make me look good to everyone’s eye. Which is impossible. I mean, I care too much on what people might think of me. Yes, it is good but, not always. 

I am all aware that we cannot please everyone. I know! But I wanted their approval, appreciation and positive comments.. I’m so stupid to think I can have that. What is worse is, I am not giving much importance to those people who truly matter and have a big part of my life~ like my family .. especially my mom. Who cared a lot about me. She works hard for our family without thinking about herself. I’m such a bad daughter only to realize it now. Well, even i know I’m doin it from the start. 😞 I always fail to make her happy. To make her life easy. ~ I’m too busy making efforts for others to see. 

Now, I am slowly absorbing everything I’ve in mind tonight. I need to start doing things for those that matter. πŸ‘πŸ»

Stop making efforts for others, you just have to make people close to you happy. That’s enough.

Catherine 2.0 ! πŸ’‹

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there are nights, there will always be nights , nights were we wanted to end everything ..
nights were we thought are hearts were already shattered as dust, but still functional, and those dust-like were not numb at all.. and you can feel the pain over and over again.
there will be nights were all those pain you numb for so long , hurt you again, fresh as fvck, anesthesia cant even ~…
nights like, tonight