1. Catherine is my first name and pronounced as “Cath-rin” ..
  2. Nicknames are Katya,Kat, Cath,Cathee or Terin. My family used to call me Terin3.
  3. Don”t call me Cat, di po ako pusa, You can use Kat instead.
  4. Above evrything, I believe in Christ our God who saved us from our sins. I honor His Words , the Good News as food of our soul.
  5. My life is dedicated to my son, Zacael Xan my angel on earth who gives me stress and happiness. I cannot live life this beautiful and challenging without him.
  6. I love my family second to the Lord. I strive for them so much.
  7.  I know I’m imperfect. I commit mistakes and full of flaws ..
  8. I am a daydreamer. I just look at the horizon blankly and stare on the wall all day since deep in my mind I am a ninja!
  9.  I’m weird. I see things differently and turn reality into fantasies like magic and fairy tales.
  10.  I love dancing.
  11.  I am so into love songs, romantic comedy is my genre, anime and Korean Dramas, Kpop.
  12.  I am a frustrated singer. But I love my singing echoing the walls of our bathroom.
  13. I’m a Hello Kitty lover. And for me, Hello kitty is a cat!
  14.  I love pink. Paint my world w pink please.
  15. I don’t cook. I only eat.. I cannot swim Nor can drive a bicycle.
  16.  I think too much. I over think things and I suffer panic attacks that I can’t decide what to do.
  17. I jump high if I am happy and excited. I laugh hard if it’s funny or not at all. I cry if I am bursting with so much bliss.
  18.  I cannot go out, never go out if I dont have my eye brows on   haha 🙂
  19. I hav been through a lot of hell in my life, have been broken and have picked up myself into pieces, I have been through the worst nightmare but I certainly did SURVIVED.
  20.  Lastly, I am deeply in love with Mark Gerald Ceniza Pintor

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