09-17-14 ( Thursday)
Because my cousin is back from Kuwait! Yeah!

Around 11pm I sneak out to their house which is just beside ours to see her and chika2. haha, t’was really fun seeing her again.
She told me we’ll try her wine i suppose it’s a wine or rum idk. haha
We then went back to our house and invited my manoy Rhyan, my cousin to drink w us.

Then I just remembered i kept on laughing out loud at 12 to 2 am . We’ve talked a lot of nonsense things. Well, just really had fun.
the drink wasn’t good made me wondee why people love to drink.
It gives us headache and really tired after. I don’t know whats d benefits of drinking and getting drunk but all i see is it’s not great.

i just enjoyed the company , maybe that’s the reason behind. The bonding. Even if gave me hangover by the morning.


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