1. At his age, he is still learning how to talk. He can’t pronounce letter “r” clearly.
2. He is like the youngest son of my parents. Which makes him my little brother. Haha
3. He is literally my son. He was born the day I turned 8teen via caesarean section.
4. He is very curious about stuff and even touched chicken’s poop , he thought it was a chocolate. LOL
5. He is my stressor and my stress reliever at the same time. He pisses me off and teases me every now and then. But hugs me and comforts me w his giggles when I’m down.
6. It’s always a test of patience every time he eats. He doesn’t wanna finish his food. So, am gonna make a show or anything to feed him. As in!
7. He loves super heroes , monsters, zombies , animals and dinosaurs.
8. He loves hearing stories million times and he tells it too in a different plot. haha
9. He holds my mouth and stretch them and says “SMILE NA MAMA” when I’m mad . He then say SORRY NA MAMA SMILE NA PLEASE, w puppy eyes. (How can I not forgive him?)
10. He is the little angel , the greatest gift from heaven. My inspiration. My playmate, my little me, my hope and my baby forever.

Well, these are just 2% about Him. haha πŸ˜€

Good Evening Everyone.

#zac #10facts #son #proudmom


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