I Need An Extra Load Of PATIENCE

Tonight, I pray for patience to teach my son on his lessons. Though I am a teacher, but having him at his age, toddler, were he just want to play and have fun is a very challenging on our part. As his mom who is the first teacher, I’m doin my best to give him proper education and of course teach him at home with the basic. But, it is so hard! The application of the things that I’ve studied for the last four years is superb hard in real life situations. Isa itong malaking hamon sa akin bilang isang magulang at guro. Papaano ko matitiis at mapagsisipagan ang pagtuturo at maging epektibong teacher. Maitawid ng matiwasay nang walang nasasaktan na mag-aaral.
Having my son , 4year old super makulit as my student is perhaps a training ground to become a better mom and teacher, at home and in the school as well.
The techniques are gradually learned. I’m out of techniques to be honest. it’s always challenge on how to make him listen, focus, write, read and Learn..
Mas challenging yung mga pre school teachers. I’m studying his interest and use it as my weapon.
I hope it is effective.
tomorrow is their exam.
God Bless my son πŸ’•

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