A letter to Zac ï»¿

Son,It has been six years of happiness and challenging days with you. Oh God, time tick-tocks so swiftly love. Years from now, you will be taller than your mom, you will learn so much from school, you will gain many friends, you will cry because of them and because of things unknown yet.. You will know a lot about the world. That it is small and worth exploring. You will be amazed how life plays and to be lived. You will see through what is seen and realize a bunch of stuffs. This world will make you confuse, hate and be happy..

I wish I could defend you from the pain of reality and life, I hope I could catch those nightmares that makes you awake in the night, I pray to God to keep you away from everything that hurts, I wish I could explain everything that will confuse you, but only God can do that baby. I wish I could always be there and give you everything . but, my love? I am no superhero. All I can promise is you will never walk alone in this world. I will keep you always closer to the Lord. We will face this together love, hand in hand.. Just be a good boy. I am sorry if your mom has mistakes and it may hurt a lot. I wish I could have those pain instead. But, this is life and having those, makes you live. Just hang in there love. Mom is will always be here. I will guide you in every step. I will be with your side. I will let you do all that you want as long as it is right.🙂

I still have so much in heart to tell.. but….

I love you so much. So much Zac.. so much.

I love you.



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