Should Not be Complaining but Feel Blessed Instead ~

Too blessed for having a free ride this afternoon, t’was rainy , t’was muddy and roads were slippery. I was complaining silently on my mind why I have to go through all of these things everyday. Though, I usually have a strong positive outlook in every situation, I just can’t stop asking about why’s & so ons~ but , i never knew students were also struggling so much , not until today. Some of them would walk 5hours just to reach school and have education. Rain or shine, they will walk to learn and to finish their studies… I was struck by reality, I was thinking selfishly. Never did I know, they needed me, they needed us. And I was too blind to see that I am way too blessed to be there with them. I was too lucky to complain about little things were in fact, they are suffering much.


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