An open letter to the guy who broke my heart into pieces of pieces. This one is for you.

you are a brother whom I cherished and loved.

I wish I can still look at you the way I do with all hopes like before, I wish I could still manage to smile to you without aching. I wish I could forgive what you’ve done, because I know I could, just not now.. I pray to the most high to give me strength for forgiveness as He had done to me and to all of us. I hope I could easily heal those wounds from the dagger you’ve thrusted to my back. Fresh and deep.

I never known you could do such thing as it is. I never wanted to even know the reason behind because I might not be ready to accept it, or I might just have known it but refuse to accept or to believe. Β Whatever it may be, I want you to realize the complexity of your your actions and its effect on our family, on our relationship, on your name. You must know how it hurt me and the people around the house, most especially your father. He must have been in pain since last night knowing he had raised you and loved you but what have you done? Β I cannot even imagine somebody can do it to me, how much more if it is you!!I know, you must be very guilty and devastated because maybe, I caught you on the act with the very strong evidence; or you are guilty because you feel ashamed of it. Nevertheless, I hope that you have learned your lessons. I strongly pray you should never do such things like that again with anybody!! You must have known it is WRONG!! You are old already, for God sake!! 😦 I better know you are already receiving a lot of words from your dad and lola, which I think you deserve to have. I cannot speak to you as of this moment because I’m avoiding to say the worst. You see? I still care.

All I can do now is to pray to the Lord to help me find the forgiveness you are seeking. And for you to learn the lesson in a hard way possible. I will avoid you as much as I can until I find peace in my heart. It God’s time, this nightmare will be gone, everything will be fine.. But never expect everything will be the same again.


Ate Terin.


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