CatherineΒ (Cath-rin) is the name of this humble servant, a daughter of sin, yet saved by Him! This daughter has been chosen to spread love, change people and touch life through the passion of Β teaching.

I am a sticky note addict. I love writing letters, reminders like things to be done , quotes and anything thats going on my mind. I love recording happy or sad memories and preserving them through pictures. I am good in keeping memories through Β hardbound because I am forgetful. I easily forget things which is one of my weaknesses. Even people’s names and faces, time or important dates, events, happenings or even what I did on that particular day. It depends upon how this experience captured me or its impact to my life.

I got this one hobby that I am so in loved with, it’s calligraphy. It is the art of writing letters. I am just a beginner of this new found art which is literally giving me happiness. πŸ–‹ It diverts my stress and anxiety. Definitely a very good pass time..

If you get to know me well, I’m a very jolly young lady with a tiny voice that would always be laughing to silliest jokes.. I am in love with people who respect ones beliefs and true to me.. I easily cry over little things and make me s emotional. I am not very much patient about waiting. I hate cockroaches and any crawling creatures, except worm.

The most important people in my life right now is my ZACAEL XAN πŸ˜‡ He is one of the reasons why I am this determined. I strive hard and do my best in my career and in my life because of him. Get to know him here. You can also see our stories here.