Happy Easter Sunday 🍃🌸


“Whenever you feel unloved, unimportant, or insecure, remember to whom you belong.” — Ephesians 2:19-22

I Need An Extra Load Of PATIENCE

Tonight, I pray for patience to teach my son on his lessons. Though I am a teacher, but having him at his age, toddler, were he just want to play and have fun is a very challenging on our part. As his mom who is the first teacher, I’m doin my best to give him proper education and of course teach him at home with the basic. But, it is so hard! The application of the things that I’ve studied for the last four years is superb hard in real life situations. Isa itong malaking hamon sa akin bilang isang magulang at guro. Papaano ko matitiis at mapagsisipagan ang pagtuturo at maging epektibong teacher. Maitawid ng matiwasay nang walang nasasaktan na mag-aaral.
Having my son , 4year old super makulit as my student is perhaps a training ground to become a better mom and teacher, at home and in the school as well.
The techniques are gradually learned. I’m out of techniques to be honest. it’s always challenge on how to make him listen, focus, write, read and Learn..
Mas challenging yung mga pre school teachers. I’m studying his interest and use it as my weapon.
I hope it is effective.
tomorrow is their exam.
God Bless my son 💕



This year is the most fruitful year of my life. Because I’ve survived all the trials, I’ve learned a lot and hit the mark.

I could never be so thankful for every given favor by the Most High to me and my family. From finishing my degree last March and for passing the Licensure Exam For Teachers , to fully grown woman and for being a full time mom to Nanan.
To my closer relationship to my mom and dad. And for giving me my loving partner , that for the first time, I was treated right. The most wonderful lovelife so far..
If we just pray hard and believe to the Lord, with great hardwork and determination, WE CAN ACHIEVE OUR GOALS.





I want to write a testimony about Faith and Praying to the LORD..

To be honest, I was really praying hard today. I was very nervous and I think I’m going to have an heart attack because I am not sure of the result. But This is a miracle blessing for me.

Way back the month of May were the Licensure Exam for Teachers started, it was tough because the review did not seem like review, it was like first view were the topics were first to be seen on that review. I wondered where I was in my four years in college. It was so difficult to remember everythin in one month. And I was dismayed by the result of each of my practice test. Yes! I feel like it’s impossible to pass and get that 75% passing score. There’s no single practice test result that I meet the objective score. I felt hopeless, there’s a night of crying, there’s a night of self-pity and nights of stress.. I can’t get off the exam.

Closer and closer the date of the LET, my blood pressure raised to its peak I guess? But honestly it gave me pressure and even more sleepless nights.

The people around were also concern about my upcoming exam. My family challenged me so much . Anyways, there’s always this hindrances in my way of success. But if you really want to succeed, you will always find ways to achieve it.

My mom, who have been an instrument of this success, she’d always remind me to study, to do well in everything and even harsh sometimes, she’s always there for me pushing me to work. To my dad who’s words hurt but gave me a big break to strive in my field. To the teachers and the reviewers, co aspirants to pass the LET have also a big part of my life. I can’t thank God enough for all of His instruments ..

To my son , who have been my greatest inspiration.. Because I wanted to be successful to give him a comfortable life and happy family despite of the situation we are in.

God never fails to hug me with blessings. He gave me my Gelo 🙂 My ever supportive boyfriend, through thick and thin he never failed me. He wakes me up every 2am for me to study. He never fails to encourage me.

God gave me my wonderful best friends who believes in me. Who always said that I can pass the exam.

I am a one really blessed human being since I have everything that I need. Family, good friends, loving son and partner 🙂

And even though that time of the exam, dated Aug.17,2014 , Sunday. I prayed to give me strength in every item were I shaded my answer . Lord this is for my family, for you ..

I offered to the Lord my everything. I trust HM and He never failed me.

God is goooooooooooood, all the time. He deserves every Praise. I thought i’d never make it but God answered me.

Thank You LORD!