That, πŸ’”


Extremely excited to see you.

Went home happily because I’ve been counting the days were I can finally be with you again. Whistling like a pro , swinging my bag and imagining billion of things about you and me seeing being with each other again .. ~


I arrived at the house with so much expectations. 

Hurriedly on my way to you. Bought food and yesssss, cannot wait to see you! πŸ˜πŸ’•πŸ’‹ 


I Chose Him not because he is all I have dreamt of. I chose Him because He is more than that. β€οΈ


To anyone who has ever asked me or will ever ask me why I chose him… 
I chose him because not because he’s muscular, but because he’s strong, strong willed, strong at heart, strong in his effort and love for me. 
I chose him because he makes me laugh, even when I don’t think I can, even when I don’t want to, even when I feel like I don’t know how to, even when I have lost my motivation to.
I chose him because he always brings me back to Earth when I seem to have drifted elsewhere. I chose him because he is humble in his accomplishments.
I chose him because he loves to share his love for music, the cowboy way, animals, family, friends, and me. I chose him because he’s not at all what I dreamt of. He’s so much more than that.
He’s not perfect, none of us are, but he’s perfect for me because he reminds me every day how much I mean to him, how beautiful he thinks I am, how much he loves me.
I chose him because we can be out true selves around each other and that is exactly who we love. I chose him because most of the time we goofy with each other, life is entirely too short to be serious all the time, but we know when it’s time to be serious.
I love him because in his arms is where I find peace, because his smile is absolutely unforgettable, his laughter is most beautiful thing I’ve heard, his eyes are filled with the most genuine kindness, his kisses literally erase all my anxiety and worry.
I chose him because I wouldn’t want to experience life changing things without him or with anyone else. I chose him, because, I did.
Submitted By Kristy Davenport

That , cold “gnight” πŸ’”


An open letter to my future husband (If God Permits)

Was really upset today, not hearing your voice or anything from you. I was down and kinda mad at myself for thinking things like those stuffs i said last night. I wanted to tell you I am sorry for being immature. But, you never even comforted me. I felt unwanted in an instant. πŸ˜₯ Β I was just observing you from the day 1, and slight changes are fretting me.

I am afraid to be left, afraid you might get tired of me, and so on~ I wish I could conquer my own mind, myself’s unending thoughts about heartbreaks and stuffs, these are poisons. But I CANT! :/

I was right. My observations about you, not wanting to spend time with me are true.. Or maybe Im just overreacting. It was a little relief receiving text such as I love you. But Im really looking forward for a surprise visit, which never happened.

Am I asking too much again? I can remember somebody told me I am fault finder. That, I am never satisfied of ones effort. But all I want is little things you always overlook. Strangely, you get pissed even more when I am pointing observations and not accusations. But still, I think I have hurt your feelings. But never want to talk to you first 😦

But even if I’m slightly MAD, I STILL LOVE YOU!!!