Today’s all abouts!

Today, i was not planning to be absent from my work. I have prepared my mind to report at my station and yet, as I was about to take a bath early this morning 5am my mom told me not to go because I should look over my Zac today. Everyone will be out . Sooooo, I followed her 😊

I got lots of work to be finished. But I usually get the motivation to move on the laaaast minute!!! So, I’m not so 😩 stressed yet. Actually, I am! But I didn’t do anything yet!!! πŸ˜‚

Just this afternoon, around 5pm, Zac had a fever πŸ€’. Good things I didn’t allowed him to go w the fambam at the beach this day because i was worried about his health. I was right! He has 88.2 degree celsius fever and don’t feel well.

Right now, he is fine. Tracking time so i can let him take his medicine. Checking his temperature every now and then. This is not new. I pray he’ll be fine ASAP. Everybody’s going back to school this Monday.


Another river of tears.

Stop crying little one. Stop thinking that you’re not enough. Stop hurting yourself with your pointless thoughts. Let’s stop this tears. 

Hug me Lord. Please do Hug me. 😞

I know you. You’ll just forgive him after. Tsss


Can I Just Wash every pain with Tears?

and, feel nothing after?

Somethings killing me, and I dont have anyone to talk about to.


Sometimes, I wish I could evaporate and feel nothing at all. 


H I A T U S ~ (slash) HIBERNATING πŸ˜ͺ😴

Been away for so long. I’m torn between so much things to write about and cannot find the right words πŸ’€


Screaming Silently, I CAN DO THIS!

Screaming Silently, I CAN DO THIS!

Gosh! It has been years, or shall I say decades of being such a brat procrastinating princess!! I haven’t changed a bit. This is the big side of me that cant be proud of!

Tonight, which is one of those “I-wanna-die” moments , is giving me a hard time figuring out what to do first. And , instead of doing something, I just thiiiiiiiiiiiink a lot about UNIMPORTANT Fvcking THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhh~ I scream a lot and it makes me hate myself. Which, this is the same scene I always does every time deadline is approaching, like a zombie of those “Train To Busan” movie!!! And gosh, I’m catching my breath trying to save my life !

well, that’s all. I think, I can start one out of 100 now. 5hours left until tomorrow. πŸ˜€

I’m doomed!