there are nights, there will always be nights , nights were we wanted to end everything ..
nights were we thought are hearts were already shattered as dust, but still functional, and those dust-like were not numb at all.. and you can feel the pain over and over again.
there will be nights were all those pain you numb for so long , hurt you again, fresh as fvck, anesthesia cant even ~…
nights like, tonight

Another river of tears.

Stop crying little one. Stop thinking that you’re not enough. Stop hurting yourself with your pointless thoughts. Let’s stop this tears. 

Hug me Lord. Please do Hug me. 😞

I know you. You’ll just forgive him after. Tsss

You’ll never be her.

You’ll never be her
She was my first. She was my first date, my first love, the first one I wanted to build a home and have a family with. 
Her face was the first to meet my family. Heck, she became part of our family. She was the first girl my mother loved for me.
She too was my first heartbreak; the first one to build me up and break me down. Her knowledge of me was the same as my knowledge of myself.
But she too will never be you.
She’ll never be the one who picked me up when I thought I was never going to get back up.
No matter what she does, she’ll never be able to love me as much as you do. She’ll never know me more than I know myself like you do. She could never make me realize that I’m worth more than I think I am. She could never make me feel any happier and more contented like you could.
My love, know that you should never compare yourself to my past. There’s a reason why she’s there and you’re here with me right now. The reason is because you are the one I love.
You are a gift from above. You are my present. Everyday I pray that you remain my present when tomorrow comes, and God knows I would do anything to keep you.
So do not bother yourself about it. Shed your worries away, for as much as you’ll never be her, she will never be you.
My gift. My present.
By: Macky Buenaventura