God & ManShe always ends up in almost relationships, in texting relationships, in broken relationships β€” but that’s not her fault. She keeps getting screwed over, because she gives out a million chances, but no one ever gives her a chance. When she finds someone that she can see a future with, she puts inΒ all…

via This Is Why The Girls With Soft Hearts Get Screwed Over The Most β€” Thought Catalog



there are nights, there will always be nights , nights were we wanted to end everything ..
nights were we thought are hearts were already shattered as dust, but still functional, and those dust-like were not numb at all.. and you can feel the pain over and over again.
there will be nights were all those pain you numb for so long , hurt you again, fresh as fvck, anesthesia cant even ~…
nights like, tonight

Another river of tears.

Stop crying little one. Stop thinking that you’re not enough. Stop hurting yourself with your pointless thoughts. Let’s stop this tears. 

Hug me Lord. Please do Hug me. 😞

I know you. You’ll just forgive him after. Tsss